Huawei Quick Charge

  • 18 W of high power; high charging speed.
  • Ultra-compact; safe and eco-friendly charging
    experience Compatible with two voltages: 9V and 5V.
Honor 7 A!

High Charging Speed

  • The world's first charger that supports both the HiSilicon quick charge protocol and Qualcomm QC 2.0.
  • Charging power of 18 W provides an optimal charging speed.

Comparison of the Charge Capacity within 30 Minutes*

*Testing model: Honor 7.

Honor 7 A!

Support for All Huawei and Honor Mainstream Devices

Works as a 5V 2A common charger if the device does not support either the HiSilicon quick charge protocol or Qualcomm QC 2.0. Supports 99% of other brands' devices.

*Use Huawei's original 2A data cable to ensure quick charging.

Honor 7 A!

Safe and Green

Product case: High-Flammability UL94 V-0 materials

Eight protection measures are in place to ensure a safe charging process:

1Overvoltage protection

2Overcurrent protection

3Abnormal temperature protection

4Overpower protection

5Lightning protection

6Electric Field protection

7Short Circuit protection

8ESD prevention

Honor 7 A!

Level-VI Energy Efficiency Standards

  • The world's top smart chip with high conversion efficiency.
  • Less standby power consumption (< 0.075 W).
  • Meets the world's top EPS energy efficiency standards (DOE-6 for United States and CoC V5 Tier 2 for EU).

Portable, Compact Design

  • Compact design with an arch shape makes the charger easy to insert and remove.
  • A smaller plug that takes up less space.
  • Only 47g in weight ensures a comfortable carrying experience. Supports the AC 100–240 V wide voltage input.
Honor 7 A!

Huawei Quality, Your Best Choice

Meets the CCC and CB qualification standards.
Passed over 60 quality tests, including the temperature cycle test, temperature impact test, cyclic
damp heat test, salt spray test, drop test, roller drop test, swapping durability, and flame retardance test, to deliver a trustworthy product.

Honor 7 A!

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