Excellent Camera with Smart key and fingerprint sensor

Honor 7

13.1 cm FHD (1920*1080) display, 20MP main camera + 8MP front
camera, 3 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, High speed LTE network

Rs. 22,999


Smart Fingerprint Faster, More Accurate and More Sensitive

  • Faster and more accurate: The first metal frame-free fingerprint reader in the world allows 360 degree quick and highly accurate fingerprint recognition. It provides a solution that requires a smaller fingerprint touch area and screen unlock within shortest at 0.5 seconds.
  • More sensitive: Features a self-learning algorithm that supports easiest registration and can update the fingerprint information as you use the phone, making fingerprint identification increasingly sensitive and intelligent.
  • Privacy protection: Integrates dual hardware security defense systems, protecting your private data through the safe, app lock and visitor mode.
  • Smart touch: Swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to open the notification panel and double-touch on the fingerprint sensor to dismiss all notifications. Open the viewfinder, touch and hold on the fingerprint sensor to take a photo. When a call comes in or an alarm goes off, touch and hold the fingerprint panel to answer the call or turn off the alarm.

Built on the Classic and Impresses with Breakthrough Details

  • Built on the golden ratio, honor 7 features a full metallic body and ergonomic design that fits perfectly with your hand.
  • A sleek and compact phone body design with an optimal 5.2-inch display.
  • Perfection in Details:
  • The dented power button with CD texture provides a visual experience similar to precision watches.
  • The full metallic body of honor 7 is processed with ceramic sand blasting, creating a polished coating which offers you a comfortable yet deluxe experience.
  • Two different colors: Mystery gray and fantasy silver.

Super Camera

  • 20 MP Sony IMX 230 Sensor
  • PDAF, Fast Focus (Fastest at 0.1s)
  • Sapphire Lens
  • Capture moments of your life with honor 7’s 20MP rear-facing camera which features Sony IMX 230 sensor and PDAF fast-focusing technology (fastest at 0.1 seconds).
  • Noise reduction: Features a ARM GPU OpenCL , decreases noise with double efficiency while taking pictures.
  • Sapphire lens for the rear camera, offering impeccable wear-resisting and anti-scratch performance.
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Capture Beautiful Moments with Ultimate Creativity Perfect Selfie, Personalized Filter, Food Mode and More Photo-taking Experience

  • Take perfect selfie with honor 7’s 8MP front-facing camera together with the soft lighting , a 26 mm wide angle lens and 10-level beauty mode.
  • Second generation SLR-level independent ISP with improved Smart Image 3.0 , bringing stunning photo quality.
  • Together with honor 7’s personalized filter function and special food mode, creating your own unique filter to enrich the photos taken and make the pictures of food more attractive.
  • More amazing photo taking experience: Time-lapse mode, panorama and four key photo-taking scenes (light painting, taillight track, silky water and star track).

An optimal 5.2-inch Full HD Screen

  • An optimal 5.2-inch display with screen-to-body ratio of 76.7% and 423 PPI, that fit perfectly with your hand and give you ultimate HD visual experience.
  • Brighter, clearer and genuine images: It features a 1500:1 high contrastratio with The RGLED technology , 50% higher than that of regular displays and high color saturation rate at 85% (NTSC), making images look brighter in vivid and genuine colors.
  • Features the brand-new display effect optimization and the power saving technologies, keeping vivid colors while consuming less power.

3100 mAh battery + SmartPower 3.0 + Energy intensity of 600 Wh/L

  • 3100 mAh battery and industry-leading battery energy density of 600 Wh/L, offering long-lasting power for you stay connected.
  • SmartPower 3.0 that saves power of up to 30% through the combination of hardware and software.
  • Resource re-allocation plan: Your phone can smartly allocate the CPU resources based on the progresses and freeze some non-urgent background service programs to save power and raise the response speeds.
  • Fast charging adapters and a secure high-voltage charger will make the charging process quick, safe and easy.
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* High-voltage charger is sold independently(not standard configuration)! Please buy it independently if you need!

Revolutionary Thermal Design Keep Your honor 7 Cool

  • The rear cover is made of aluminum alloy. The heat dissipation performance is greatly improved when compared with the plastic battery covers.
  • L Type Architecture & Aluminum Frame: All components are located in an L shape board next to the battery, making the temperature more even and improving the dissipation performance by 7 times.
  • The thermal gel systems can significantly cool down the chip and reduce the power consumption by 15%. Temperature Rise Reduced by 40% Under Gaming Scenarios.
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True Honor comes from the inside

HiSilicon Kirin 935 processor +

64-bit Android™ 5.0 +RAM: 3 GB

  • The performance and power consumption are perfectly balanced based on smart adjustment in different scenarios, such as social events, games, and videos by using up to 2.2GHz HiSilicon Kirin 935 chip with the integration of the big LITTLE architecture and the smart octa-core heterogeneous algorithm.
  • i3 motion processor + Sensor Hub technology, managing each sensor carefully to ensure faster response and lower power consumption.
  • All-sided security: Integrates a security feature 2.0 which isolates the Android OS from security OS; HiSEE security solution that provides all-sided protection.
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Honor 7 A!

Premium Signal at Anytime

  • Intelligent, seamless switch of upper and bottom antennas, solving the “Dead Hold”problem and increasing switching speeds by 80 times, and 4G network online time by 10%.
  • Based on the Huawei smart roaming database, the Huawei Roaming+ technology improves the network connection speeds by three times, achieves smart roaming dial-up, and automatically adds the country code when you are calling back a contact.

Smart Key Fast Access to Apps

  • Single/Double tap to access to pre-set apps and shortcut functions, long press to get access to Google Search and Google Voice.
  • Honor 7 will open API for cooperating with the excellent Internet companies and give honor 7 users surprising mobile Internet experience continuously.


Voice control: do what you say

  • Find and wake-up your honor 7: Find your phone using pre-set voice wakeup command. For example, you say “Dear honor,where are you”,your honor 7 will identify the wakeup command and play a tone to tell you where it is.
  • To make a call without unlocking the screen: For example, you say “Dear Honor, call Jack." Your phone will then call Jack without turning on the screen.
  • You can customize the wakeup keyword. For example, you can replace “Dear honor” with “Mr. Right” or “buddy“.

Smart EMUI 3.1

Ultimate Experience Elegant, Easy, Enjoy, Efficient

  • The dot, line and ring design, originated from nature.
  • 3D Dynamic UI: The new 3D UI 2.0 user interface enables super-fluent transitions and effects.
  • Draw to fast access to apps: Fast access to apps by pre-set and customizable drawing
  • Fast snapshot: Double click on the down volume button to take a snapshot of every exciting moment
  • Hide private apps: Spread two fingers apart along the diagonals of the screen to add applications you want to hide.

Audio Plus Provides You with the Clearest Hi-fi Sound

  • Hi-fi and clearest calling: The unique sound chamber design, second generation Smart PA, and DTS sound effect offer high fidelity and clearest sound when calling.
  • Volume enhancement and noise reduction: Increase the volume by 58% with the Huawei Voice+ feature or make use of the super hands-free calling 3.0 feature, that can clear noises within 3 meters.
  • Hi-fi recordings: Two highly sensitive microphones are adopted, supporting hi-fi recor dings from 5 meters or further away. Meeting, interview, and concert recording modes are available.
  • The super handsfree calling 3.0 feature can clear noises within 3 meters.
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Infrared Remote-control with Smart Control 3.0

  • Independent IR remote chip with preinstalled IR code libraries from global industry-leading manufacturers, can be used without any network connections.
  • Revolutionary Smart Control 3.0 that enables you to control your TV, STB, DVD, air-conditioner, and other devices matched in the IR code libraries.

Discover smart accessories for honor 7

  • Light lattice case (grid case)
    Honor 7 comes with a light lattice case, and our special user interface enables you to access many functions without opening it. The outstanding quality 1.4 mm ultra slim flip-cover features an exquisite design.
  • Honor Whistle (Bluetooth headset)
    We’ve also added honor Whistle, a Bluetooth headset for stable long distance calls. This allows you to use the remote photo taking feature or other helpful applications, such as disconnection reminders, power consumption monitoring and smart power saving.

* Light lattice case and honor Whistle are sold independently (not standard configuration)! Please buy them independently if you need!