Metal, Fingerprint & More

Honor 5X

13MP main camera +5MP front camera

5.5"Full HD(1920*1080) display

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Ultimate Audio Experience

Unified speaker chamber, unique smart power amplifier,and bottom speaker design

Unified speaker chamber, unique smart power amplifier, and bottom speaker design for crystal-clear audio quality.

Speaker volume 18.84 percent louder with excellent audio range.

Earpiece ability to handle sound 150 percent louder than competing modules, allowing you to make calls in noisy environments.

Compact Speaker IconCompact Speaker
Stand Alone IconStand Alone
Deep Sound IconDeep Sound
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Picturesque 5.5-inch, 1080p full HD

fully laminated screen

Pixel-by-pixel dynamic contrast adjustment for improved contrast under different lighting conditions and ability to view with glare.

High 72.5% screen-to-body ratio and fully-laminated GFF screen that renders vivid and crisp images.

1920 x 1080 pixel, 16.7 million color, full HD IPS display with improved color reproduction and viewing angles.

10 point multi-touch and manual color temperature adjustment controls.

High transparency screen protector with each device.

Screen/Body ratio IconScreen/Body ratio
HD screen IconHD screen
Honor 5X A!

Sleek, robust housing crafted from

Aluminum alloy made with four-step finishing processess

Diamond-polished aluminum alloy normally reserved for aircraft.

Finishing created through a special brushing technique that produces a consistent, polished finish.

Sand-blasted matte sides that complement the phone's shiny CNC milled chamfer while completing its exquisite and elegant exterior.

Laser-etched rear logo produces an understated yet premium feel.

Brushing metal IconBrushing metal
Laser etched IconLaser etched
Sand blasted IconSand blasted
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Impressive fingerprint features

and Fingerprint identification 2.0 for more speed, and improved accuracy that increase with time

Ability to call friends at the touch of a finger by linking a fingerprint with a contact – a features that works in locked-screen mode.

Ability to launch an app with a single touch a finger by linking it to a fingerprint input – a feature that works in locked-screen mode.

Ability to take photos with its fingerprint sensor, including both ordinary photos and selfies.

Notification bar control. Swipe down on the fingerprint sensor to pull down the notification bar. Double press the sensor to hide again.

Press and hold the fingerprint sensor to answer incoming calls or cancel an alarm.

Fingerprint dial IconFingerprint dial
Instant entry to apps IconInstant entry to apps
Fingerprint photo shoot IconFingerprint photo shoot
>Fingerprint sensor functionsIconFingerprint sensor functions
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Combination of 2G RAM and a Qualcomm 64-bit Octa-core processor

for a smooth responsive experience

High-speed 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM for seamless user experience.

High-performance, low-power through Snapdragon big. LITTLE octa-core processor manufactured using 28 nm technology.

Ability to run 3D games seamlessly with PC-grade GPU.

Generous 16 GB internal storage.

Snapdragon IconSnapdragon
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First honor metallic phone

with nano-SIM, micro-SIM, and microSD card slots, together with expandable storage space up to 128 GB.

The first Honor phone to feature three different card slots: nano-SIM, micro-SIM, and microSD. This offers improved compatibility over dual nano-SIM solutions.

Full SIM compatibility with support any combination of 4G cards in both SIM slots.

No distinction between a primary/secondary card, allowing for ability to choose SIM for data.

Higher-order mode ring patch antenna and automatic band switching technology that delivers stronger signal.

FCC certified antenna that offers high performance while also satisfying design requirements after rigorous TTF and DTF destructive testing.

Expansion card IconExpansion card
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Sony/Samsung stacked 13 MP image sensor

with SmartImage 3.0 image processor

Cutting-edge camera that captures high-quality images in a variety of different shooting scenarios.

Wide F2.0 aperture, 28 mm wide angle lens with five elements, blue glass infrared filter, and macro mode for close-up shots from just a few centimeters away

SmartImage 3.0 image processor to ensure clarity in every shot.

Ultra-strong, fingerprint-resistant cover that is even more scratch-resistant than glass.

Anti-reflective coating to increase the amount of light entering the lens, enabling the camera to take clearer shots in low-light conditions.

Samsung/OV 5 MP front camera with an F2.4 aperture, 22 mm wide-angle lens with four elements, large 1.4 micron pixel size, and blue glass infrared filter, and an 88-degree viewing angle for panoramic selfies.

Skin-beautifying algorithm for accurate color reproduction.

Image sensor IconImage sensor
Front camera IconFront camera
Smart Image IconSmart Image
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Exciting new shooting modes

Food mode for food shots with stunning colors.

Time-lapse mode to capture photos intervals that can be compiled into short videos.

Slow motion mode to capture video at 120 fps to enable playback at four-times slower than real life.

Perfect selfie mode and "demist" filter.

Slow motion mode IconSlow motion mode
Good food mode IconGood food mode
Time-lapse mode IconTime-lapse mode
Demist filter IconDemist filter
More features IconMore features
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3000 mAh battery and SmartPower 3.0

longer usuage time

Integrated SmartPower 3.0 technology with eight-point power saving plan to reduce power consumption by 30 percent.

Battery life that lasts 1.46 days with moderate use and over a day with heavy use. Data based on Huawei laboratory tests, actual times may vary.

Smart ImageRAM Icon
LargeCPU IconBattery
Honor 5X B!

Simple UI

for enhanced accessibility

Simple, user-friendly UI with larger fonts and icons.

High volume and impressive battery life.

Simple layout and enlarged icons for easier use.

Off-screen gestures that allow for opening of pre-configured apps.

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Feature-Packed With EMUI 3.1

New privacy features let you hide home screen apps, store personal files in a safe place, and protect sensitive information.

Pop-up call reminders for incoming calls to avoid being interrupted while playing a game.

Reduced data transfer and added storage through H.265 video compression.

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Honor 5X B!
Honor 5X B!